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There was a time most believed in
possibilities, ridiculous maybes, miracles, and childlike dreams.
Most got older and forgot.
More time passed...
and some rembered


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Fuziwink - script
Heirs and Graces
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Writing Catalog
Overview  & Samples


COACH HOUSE                                                 (Book and Screenplay)

A love triangle wrapped inside an Icarus Tale.

Love Story of an over ambitious architect who pulls his life off the rails courting the wife of the competitor’s firm in order to create his own immortality in stone and steel.


THE GLARE                                                                             (Short Story)

A second chance at forever – or a forever of second chances.

A man is trapped in a loop between adulthood and childhood.


PAINTING BRAESIDE GREENER                                 (Novel)

Coming of age tale through life’s brushstrokes.

A young girl is transplanted from an abusive environment to a wealthy Connecticut town where she finds the meaning of family and the truth about her past.


FUZIWINK                                    (Screenplay/ Musical Theater)

An old  man is told the secrets of his past from a boy who can't speak.

Through sheltering an orphan child a man  comes to confront his own past. Two intertwined love stories.


HEIRS AND GRACES                    (Screenplay for Musical Theater)

An heir is sought amid an air of intolerance:
A sentimental king faces a power struggle and coup.

Under threat of rebellion from the military unless he weds, a king must choose between true love with a commoner and a prearranged marriage.


YORGO’S CAFE                               (Screenplay for Musical Theater)

An aging and charismatic immigrant patriarch
struggles to keep the family's cafe afloat as
old world ideas clash with his growing children's
very American ideals.

Tradition means the family café will pass to the eldest son even though the daughter has established herself as the superior choice.


STREETLAMP                                              (Novel in progress)

A struggling expatriate writer comes to love a wealthy patron.

A failed writer abroad find employ as personal entertainer for a vulgar wealthy woman where he is introduced to an unattainable soulmate.


LAST STATION                                    (Short Story in progress)

What if you saw someone like you, exactly like you?

A man taking the last train home from work falls asleep and wakes at the end of the line. He sees a man leaving the train who is exactly like himself.


AN ELM'S CAST SHADOWS                     (Novel in progress)

A perfectly laid plan becomes perfectly undone.

Farce involving the discrepancy between the plan, and the actuality, of a young man’s journey to a foreign country to ask a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage.


DEIRDRE DAYS                                                         (Play in progress)

A father and daughter reluctantly meet.

An estranged father preparing for his big break is tasked with collecting his daughter from incarceration. Outwardly different, he’s a straight laced uptight composer and she’s a pink haired rebel, they discover their symmetry and common ground during a ridiculous drive across the country.




-From the
Children’s Stories Collection




CARAMBIO                                                                                  (Children’s Story)

A mouse becomes a prince, and a princess becomes a mouse.

By sacrificing something for each other, each finds themselves more whole.


(Children’s Story)

A squirrel tries to further his status with the crowd by taking wild chances.

Afraid even of telephone poles, Terrance finds himself scaling the high electric tower.


GO HOME DOGGY                                                                 (Children’s Story)

A Lonely girl will not befriend a wiling dog.

A girl is mean to a stray but the dog is relentless in pursuit of her friendship.


OUR OTHER ONES                                                                 (Children’s Story)

A boy and girl meet their alter egos who trap them in a false land.

The alter ego of a boy lies about everything, but in that pattern is found a way to return home.


THE AFTER SCHOOL BOAT                                           
(Children’s Story)

A boy and girl go on a boat to a place where her fears are overcome.


ELDER AND ADDY (audio only)                            
(Children’s Story)

Two sisters overcome their tyrant brother captor to reveal self sufficiency and potential.


TALKING DOG GARDENER (audio only)         
(Children’s Story)

A dog is entrusted with keeping the animals out of a girl’s garden.

He is commanded to kill a squirrel one day but refuses and utters a few words. He ends up collecting the animals as a team of allies to build the garden better instead.


AMUSEMENT PARK AMY (audio only)             
(Children’s Story)

A girl meets herself in an amusement park of the past.


(Children’s Story)

                Two children venture where they shouldn’t.


(Children’s Story)

                An old woman confronts her bitterness.


(Children’s Story)

                A beautiful bird is mistaken as a misfit.


(Children’s Story)           

A girl who wastes her life is given a second chance.


(Children’s Story)

An obsolete machine finds purpose.




-Stories In Progress-





 A suicidal man decides to be his own drill sergeant and taskmaster.



A first memory of a lost first love haunts a man’s adulthood and marriage..



A young man is devastated when he can’t attend an exclusive school. Decades later, he is offered a teaching position there.



A moth to a flame tale between naďve high school first loves.




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